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Fast Freddie Horton Born in Shoreditch, North London, Freddie began his career in the late 70's as a singer/frontman in a 'Mod' band called 'Scooter'. They made it to the final of The Pub Entertainer of the Year contest which was televised, albeit late at night.

Freddie was already writing songs and got an all original band together with a mate, Martin, and performed as 'Large Portion' around the South East.

Fast Freddie Horton - early years The first real break came when he and a drummer, Malcolm Mortimore, who had played with Ian Dury in Kilburn and The Highroads, formed a band called 'The Donuts'. A London promoter billed them as a cross between the Blockheads and The Blues Brothers.

They played a mixture of covers and originals and were soon playing to packed houses across the South East and South London. One of the original songs, 'You told Billy' was a crowd favourite and it caught the ear of Absolute Records. Produced by Troy Tate from The Teardrop Explodes, it became an air play hit and met with positive critical acclaim.

The band was now called 'The Fingertips' as Absolute did not like the name 'The Donuts'. There then followed a change in the line-up which became Freddie's new band for several years, playing all around the country doing supports at many big venues; The Town and Country Club (now the Forum) and the Hammersmith Odeon, (now The Apollo), to name but two.

Success Beckons??

Fast Freddie Horton - Fingertips On a rainy Friday night Freddie and the guys were playing Kingston Polytechnic and unbeknown to them the mighty Dave Robinson of Stiff Records fame was in the audience. He went backstage and asked Freddie if he would like to record an album. Freddie said, "Does the Pope pray?". Freddie was a bricklayer by trade and Dave started calling him 'Fast' Freddie, so there it is!! '50 a day and all you can lay' Fast Freddie's Fingertips was born.

Up to now, the band was six piece; Freddie, rhythm section and solo sax, but Freddie had always wanted a full horn section and two girl BV's (The Hummingbirds), this now came into being.

Freddie had been writing songs about his life, growing up on a Council estate in Crawley New Town and the transition into adulthood; getting a job; falling in love, buying clothes from your mate's mum's club book and going on a package holiday, all that is to be found on the 'New Town Soul' album.

Fast Freddie Horton - New Town Soul They recorded 'New Town Soul' at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick and it was released at the same time as the film 'The Commitments', again to critical acclaim.

A nationwide tour with Randy Crawford, four Radio 1 session, a live appearance on Simon Bates' lunch time show, National TV and many regional TV shows, culminating in opening for 'Cher' on her 'Love Hurts' tour at the SEC, NEC and Wembley Arena.

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Fast Freddie Horton - Mills and Boon Moment The 'Mill's and Boon' Moment

This is the cover picture for the single, Costa Brava Love, taken off the New Town Soul Album.

A song parading the anguished love story of a virginal young couple meeting on an 'Ugly Buggly' night in a candle lit Bodega in Spain, complete with the romance, laughter, and tearful goodbyes.

Many gigs and many miles later, here we are. Freddie has been under the radar but still hungry, still writing and if the reaction of the fans to a series of recent Donuts reunions is anything to go by, the people are still hungry for him and his music.

He is presently recording again so stand by for news.